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School-Wide Announcements 04/14/20
IMG_1337ASFS Families,Welcome back to our virtual environment after spring break.  I want to send you greetings from my bunny family, since I could not visit my family. I hope you enjoy the picture.  Last Wednesday, our Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning sent all families the Learning Plan for all grade levels for the remainder of the year through School Talk. As you read through the many resources listed in this link, you will see that a monthly map of learning activities for April is attached with guidelines for each grade level in regards to minutes of instructional time per day. Please refer to this and to the APS webpage for learning activities. Some of the guidelines for learning:

  • Staff cannot use zoom.

If parents choose to use zoom for communication, that is up to parents, but teachers cannot use zoom.

  • We will use SeeSaw, Google classroom, Google voice, and Canvas. Your teacher will communicate the tool or tools they will use through their twice a week communication.
  • Teachers will communicate their “office hours” when you can communicate with them about questions, concerns, etc.
  • We will add a second layer of communication from non-classroom staff.  Each non-classroom staff member will have a group of students they will email as a “check in” for social/emotional support. All emails are APS emails.
  • If your child(ren) is/are in grades 3-5, they took home their iPad and we checked for wifi/mifi availability before we left.  If you have a problem, email Mr. Harvey at Students in K-2 can use online resources, but we cannot guarantee that every child has a device or wifi/mifi at home, so we can provide hard copies of learning packets.
  • Students in grades K-2, may pick up hard copies of learning packets and food at Key Elementary School any day this week between 11-1.  Beginning on Monday, April 20, food and learning packets will be distributed at Key on Monday only between 11-1 with food for 1 week.
  • Read aloud stories and Haggerty Phonics learning videos will be available on AETV.  You will see familiar faces on some of these videos from our reading teachers.
  • As determined by Arlington Public Schools mission and vision statement and position on equity, we will not introduce any new standards, but will offer activities with depth for all concepts taught prior to March 13.

While I have not unpacked all of the information from the link I included, I hope I have given you some specific information.

  • Please communicate with your child’s teacher each week so we know the students are engaged.  Our social/emotional support team, Ms. Hawthorne, Ms. Proietti, Ms. Versaggi, Ms. Zelanak, Ms. Jones, and myself have been reaching out to families we have not seen active learning taking place.  It is essential that we hear from you so we know your child(ren) is/are engaged in their learning.

I want to recognize that parents are working from home, being teachers for their children, and receiving many emails.  This is not a choice any of us would have made.  We miss your child(ren) so very much and will have them back in our classroom when it is safe.  We are here to support you and your family.  .
Mary Begley, Principal

PTA Reminders 05/9/20 PTA Website
Kindergarten 03/16/20
Kindergarten At Home Links
Kindergarten Learning Plan
Home Learning Packet
Counting to 100 practice
Questions Spinner
Snap Words
First Grade 04/30/20
First Grade Resources
Second Grade 04/15/20
Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6, Day 7, Day 8, Day 9, Day 10
Online apps to use: DreamBox, Reflex, and Reading A-Z, Seesaw
Grade 2 April Packet Library K-2 Choice Board Science K-2 Choice Board Social-Studies K-2 Choice Board
Third Grade 03/26/20
Third Grade Plan
Fourth Grade 03/17/20
Quadrilateral video (Must sign in to Google)
Good morning fourth grade mathematicians, Please watch this video – ideally before you work on your Moby Max assignments.
4th grade will be sending an email to our homeroom families by 8pm each day with work for the following day. Assignments will also be shared with students via Google Docs.
Fifth Grade 03/14/20
5th grade information is available to students on google classroom and/or canvas
Math 05/22/20

Along with the packets and tasks from your teachers, these are optional, if you’re looking for more math activities.  Follow @ASFS_Math on Twitter for ideas for additional math activities.

Math Day Games (Here are the math menus we followed on Math Day, with links to print and play or buy from Amazon.)

Problem Solving Tasks: (in order from youngest to oldest students… Use our “problem solving protocol” and engage in a rich task!)

Play familiar Investigations Games here!

Number Sense Routines to Promote Brief Math Conversations:  (All answers are correct, as long as reasoning is provided.)

  • Same But Different.  Click on a pair of images.  Ask your child, “How are they the same?  How are they different?
  • Which One Doesn’t Belong? Click on a set of four images.  Ask, “Which one doesn’t belong?  Why?”
  • Would You Rather Math Select an image.  Ask, “Which would you rather?  Why?”
  • Visual Patterns Select a pattern.  Ask, “What do you notice?”
  • How Many?  Choose an image.  Simply ask, “How many?” and students may respond with a number and an item label.
  • Count Around:  Select a way to count (by 1s, 2s, 3s, 5s, 10s, backwards, by nickels, by half-hours, by thirds…) and choose a starting number.  (It doesn’t always have to be zero.)  Take turns counting.  Ask, “What patterns did you notice?  Why do those patterns occur?”
Reading 03/18/20
Live Authors on Social Media
Suggestions for reading, writing, and phonics practice were included in all the daily lesson plans provided by grade level teams.  Please spend time enjoying books with your child/children and encourage them to read for at least 20 minutes a day.  See below for additional websites to access eBooks, book suggestions, and tips for reading and learning with your child:
Parent Suggestions for Reading with Children:
Reading Rockets:
E-books for home reading and read aloud:See the ASFS webpage for library links and book lists Storyline Online: free read aloud at
Raz-Plus: Thousands of leveled books and resources in English and Spanish at
Epic: 30 day free trial
Vooks: 30 day free trial
Book list suggestions:
Good Reads:
Guys Read:
NEWSELA:  Free current events
Wonderopolis:  Reading to get kids to wonder
Sports Illustrated Kids: Sports news just for kids
Scholastic Learn From Home:  Day to day projects to keep kids reading and thinking
FLES 05/29/20
K-5 May 29th
FLES Choice Board April 2020FLES online learning – Colors & numbers
IMG_0350Hola estudiantes,  Andres and Cristina, who visited ASFS in the Fall, will be performing live concerts on their YouTube channel every Wednesday (miercoles) and Sunday(domingo) at 5 pm and every Thursday (jueves) at 11am. that school is temporarily closed, here are some great ways you can keep learning and practicing your Spanish:All grades:
Visit the website Spanish Playground for videos, songs, activities, and games -1st grade students visit the website Learning Spanish with Johanna for videos, songs, amd worksheet games
K -1st grade students sing and dance along to these great videos, some you already know and some are new. Da una vuelta en tu lugar
Super Simple Espanol videos
K – 2nd grade Un paso a la derecha
1, 2, 3 Andres & Friends
3rd  – 5th grade  students Improve your geography skills.  Learn how to identify all of the Spanish-speaking countries and their capitals.
Rock the Countries South America
Rock the Countries Central America
Create a story using the super 7 verbs (hay, es, está, tiene, quiere, va, le gusta) in Google Slides. Learn about a Spanish speaking country and create a presentation in Google Slides. Use Duolingo to practice Spanish online or on the app for free
EL 03/19/20
As we are all settling in to our new learning routines at home, many families are finding it helpful to have a regular schedule similar to school so that students can stay engaged with some choice.  Print one to use every week and have your child draw a smiley face or check off the box.
Home Learning Schedule March 2020
EL Resources

  • Unite For Literacy: Online books in English and many languages. These books are most appropriate for younger students. Parents can enjoy these books in their home language as well.
  •  Great Schools is an organization that empowers parents to unlock educational opportunities for their children. They have many playlists on Youtube that are organized by subject, grade level, and language (English or Spanish).
  • Parent Toolkit is a bilingual (English/Spanish) one-stop resource developed with parents in mind.  Parents can click what grade their student is in and what type of resource they’re looking for (videos, advice, etc) and about what (academics, health, etc) and pull up a list of resources.
    • Learning Heroes provides information and resources in English and Spanish to help parents support learning at home. Parents click on the grade level of their student and the subject they want help with and get a wide variety of resources.
    • Colorín Colorado’s entire website is bilingual (English/Spanish) and includes a huge section of resources for families. We particularly like Empowering ELL Parents & Families at Home.
    • First Words Project is for parents of early childhood students. We particularly like their resource on “Everyday Activities” that’s available in English, Spanish, Creole, and Arabic.
      4 Weeks Tech Free
Special of the Day 04/21/20
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Art PE & Health Library & Investigation Station Music & Counseling Spanish
Health and Physical Education 05/19/2020
Click or copy/paste the link, click make a copy and enjoy our Fitness Board game in google slidesbasketball gameFor Daily Challenges check out our twitter page (you don’t need an account to view the page).

  • Heart Healthy Fitness At Home
    Follow along with this online physical education lesson that will help you:1️⃣   Understand the keys to physical health.2️⃣   Explain how physical activity helps you keep your body healthy and strong.3️⃣   List different health-enhancing physical activities that you can do at home!
  • ❤️ Happy Heart Power Chart Download:
    April Physical Fitness Calendar: Use this calendar to complete a different activity for each day.You can get the Calendar Here
  • Invisible Dumbbell Stations: No hand weights? NO PROBLEM! Use these cards to work on muscle strength with invisible dumbbells. Another great way to use them is to use one regular sized canned good in each hand while performing the exercise.You can get the cards here

Grade K-1 health assignment:

Grade 2-3: Review the body systems videos we learned about earlier this year. Second grade watched Bones & Muscles, Third grade watched the Digestive System. Afterwards, explain why these are important and two things you learned to a parent or sibling.

Grade 4-5:health assignment

Vocal and General Music 06/04/20

May/June At Home Music Calendar

Grades K-2 Music Activities

Grades 3-5 Music Activities

NEW UPDATES for 3rd Grade! Registrations for 2020-2021 ASFS Band and Orchestra Programs are still open! Please click HERE to register your child to be in the ASFS Band and Orchestra next year! 🎶 We hope ALL returning 3rd grade students will take the opportunity to learn how to play an instrument. Thank you for your flexibility. More updates, videos, activities, and information about the ASFS Instrumental Music Program will be posted on various platforms such as, Seesaw, the ASFS Instrumental Page,  E-Friday Folder, and the ASFS Music Twitter Account. Email Ms. Shine and Ms. Taylor if you have any questions!

NEW UPDATES for 4th Grade! The 2020-2021 ASFS Band and Orchestra Registration is still open! We hope ALL 4th grade students will register to be in the band or orchestra next year! Please click HERE to register your child to be in the 2020-2021 ASFS Band and Orchestra next year! Regardless of whether a 4th grade student was or was not in Band/Orchestra this year, we would love to see you apart of this wonderful opportunity. 🎶 By joining the Band and Orchestra, students will grow musically together, create more amazing memories, and friends!  We truly appreciate it, thank you!

Attention ALL 4th and 5th Grade Instrumental Families: Instruments rented from ASFS this year will need to be returned to the school during your child’s Closeout Day:

  • 4th Grade return ASFS instruments AND/OR Essential Elements Book – WEDNESDAY June 10th from 12:30-3:30pm
  • 5th Grade return ASFS instruments AND/OR Essential Elements Book – THURSDAY June 11th from 8:30am-12:30pm
  • Details
    • Everyone must wear a mask when coming to the building
    • There will be tables outside for you drop your instrument off as you walk inside.
    • Essential Elements Books will be placed in a box.

Want to continue to practice over the summer but don’t have your ASFS instrument anymore?

  • Families can rent instruments from Foxes Music Company, Music & Arts, and Brobst Violin Shop over the summer for a discounted rate
  • Just email the company at for more information with Foxes Music Company
  • Click here to learn more about renting from Music & Arts Rental
  • Click here to learn more about renting from Brobst Violin Shop (the best way to get in contact with them is by calling) Brobst Violin Shop Rental

Additional Resources:

Want to learn more about Hamilton the Musical? The Hamilton Education Program (EduHam) is offering a EduHam family version called “EduHam at Home”. This free program is available through August 2020. To learn more, click this LINK 

Hamilton the Musical will also be available to watch on Disney+ on July 3rd staring the Original Broadway Cast.

Art 06/8/20
Weekly Art Lessons
06/8/2020 – Art Lesson Grades K-2
06/8/2020 – Art Lesson Grades 3-5
Click here for at home art assignments and virtual art learning resources. Ms. Garfield will continue to update this website for more assignments after March 27th.
Investigation Station 06/10/20

6/10/20 – This week’s activities the students will be making paper airplanes and testing them for accuracy, time aloft, and distance! The activity will be kept on Seesaw until the following Wednesday, and they will also be on this Google drive beyond that. If you missed the previous weeks’ (5/6, 5/27) engineering challenges, (4/29, 5/20) hands-on science activities, or (6/3, 5/13, 4/22) outdoor science activities, the instructions and resources to those are also included in the links below to the Google drive.

Kindergarten Activity: Paper Airplane Tests

1st Grade Activity: Paper Airplane Tests

2nd Grade Activity: Paper Airplane Tests

3rd Grade Activity: Paper Airplane Tests

4th Grade Activity: Paper Airplane Tests

5th Grade Activity: Paper Airplane Tests

APS Science Choice Boards: K-2, 3-5, 3-5 (with Science Fusion connections)

How to Access Science Fusion Online

10 Design STEM Challenges

Here are some activities to continue celebrating Earth Day beyond April 22nd.

Library 06/10/20

Home Learning Library 6/10/20

Any questions: Contact Mrs. A’Hearn:

Office hours: Wednesdays 10:00- 11:00 am

Thank you for so many library book returns.  The times for to return library books are:

Key – M/W/F from 11-1, this is consistent if you are picking up food.

ASFS – M/W/F from 8:30 – 12:00, no food available.

Boxes are labeled:*Library*Classroom Books – please put in a ziplock and write your child’s name and the classroom teacher’s name.

*Books to donate to others marked K-2 and 3-5*Books to take for summer reading marked K-2 and 3-5

If students K-2 would like login information for MackinVIA (eBooks, eAudio and databases) please contact me with your child’s first and last name and student ID#.  I can send you the password. (

TumbleBooksI have some recommended books for you to read using TumbleBooks.

If needed: Username: tumble735  Password: booksTo find the books, type the title using TumbleSearch in the top right

In the past, we subscribed to TumbleBooks.  They have generously offered free access through the end of August.  Your kids can read as many books as they want, when they want, and on any device. There are no check-outs, holds, or bulky downloads. Books are available instantly – K-6 children’s ebook database
Direct Link: – K-6 math ebook database
Direct Link: – This site is an audio book database,
Direct Link: grades 3-5 use your student ID and google password to access  APS eBooks, eAudiobooks and databases using MackinVIA.  See the directions attached.

Gifted 03/12/20
Technology 04/27/20
For Tech Assistance
Student Teams Directions
Parent iPad Guidelines
In order to save space on the iPad there should be no home videos or pics unless directed by a teacher.
Do not install updates unless advised to do so by Mr. Harvey.
Do not install apps from the APS App Store. Students cannot delete apps once installed and may run out of space.
Do not set pass codes or use Non-APS logins to set things up in iCloud.
Mr. Harvey will be remotely adding or deleting apps as required by teachers.
If you need a password for a site required for homework please contact your student’s teacher.
ASFS Home Wifi Connection Sheet
APS Global Protect troubleshooting
One other known issue is that if the date/time and/or time zone settings are incorrect the iPad will experience connection and/or time out issues with Global Protect. Please check and reset as necessary.