Blackboard Instructions

How To Access Textbooks Online

  1. Go to Blackboard Online:
  2. Log in.
    USERNAME: student ID number, same as lunch number
    PASSWORD: six digit birthday (January 1, 2013 would be 010113)
  3. Go to “Students” tab.
  4. For Math: Click on the Mathematics Tab.
    Scroll down and click the fourth grade student book in English.
    (It’s orange with a polar bear!)
    The lesson we are currently working on will correspond to the daily homework.
    Example: 3-7 is Unit 3, Lesson 7.
  5. For Social Studies: Click on the Social Studies Tab.
    Click the “Five Ponds Press” textbooks.
    Select the brown “Our Virginia” book.
    Choose the Audio version to be able to listen to the text read aloud.

The topic we are studying can be found on the “Units of Study” tab.