Behavior Expectations

[updated 9/7/2015]
Refocus Forms

As part of positive character education, the fifth grade team continues to focus on respect for self, respect for others, and respect for property in all that we do. Beginning this week, we will implement a “focus” system to help our students stay on task, complete their assignments and projects, and demonstrate appropriate behavior at all times, as they represent our modeling group for the entire school. The following is an explanation of the fifth grade “focus” plan.

To ensure safety and respect from our 5th grade students for the year, students who are not following directions, who are being disruptive to others, or who are putting themselves and/or others around them in unsafe situations will be asked to fill out a “refocus form”. This form will require the student to describe what he or she did that was disruptive, to explain why he or she behaved as they did, and to suggest better choices that could be made in the future. The fifth grade teachers will keep a shared record of all forms that are filled out by students. Parents will receive an email notifying them when their child has received a refocus form from a teacher.

After a student has been asked to fill out 3 refocus forms, the homeroom teacher will request a conference with the student and his or her parents. After 5 refocus slips, one privilege will be taken away and the cycle will begin again. As a leadership team, Tech Crew members will receive a separate letter from Mr. Harvey and Ms. Begley. Safety Patrol expectations were communicated to them on their Safety Patrol contracts.

Privileges will be taken away in this order:

Planetarium Visit
Outside the Box Day
Halloween Party
InnerQuest Field Trip
Global Holiday Celebration
Courthouse Field Trip
Math Day
Valentine’s Day Party
Variety Show
Celebrate Writing Day
Outdoor Lab Overnight
Smithsonian Field Trip
Field Day
Yearbook signing activity
5th Grade Promotion Party

We appreciate your support and will inform you by email if your child has received a refocus form or has lost any privileges due to disruptive behavior.