Parent-Teacher Communication

[updated 8/26/2015]

You know it’s important to keep up with your child’s educational day, but what is the best way to find information about our fifth grade classrooms? Thanks to technology there are many ways to keep in touch without having to schedule face-to-face visits with the teacher.

Fifth Grade Website The fifth grade site contains announcements, the calendar, and specific information about fifth grade at ASFS. It is not expected that you visit the site daily to keep informed; however, you should check the site for updates about once a week.
Email For direct communication, teachers will use email. Each parent should register his or her email address with the child’s homeroom teacher. This email address will be used by the teachers only to communicate important information. If you do not have an email address registered, you will be missing out on this information.
Calendar Events for fifth grade, from quizzes and tests to field trips, will be registered in the fifth grade calendar. There are three ways to access the calendar.

  • The first method is the simplest and involves accessing through the fifth grade website.
  • If you already use Google Calendar, the second method is to subscribe to the fifth grade Google Calendar. This will add the calendar to your calendar view, allowing you to see fifth grade events right along with your personal or work events. This blended view of calendars is invaluable when trying to manage complicated family schedules. To add the fifth grade calendar to your Google calendar, use the iCal URL.
  • The third method allows non-Google calendar systems to subscribe to the calendar. Users must configure their calendar tool with the iCal URL.
Monthly Newsletter Newsletters will go out the first week of each month and will contain general updates and announcements from the fifth grade. Electronic versions of the newsletters are archived on the fifth grade website.
Phone Of course, we still use the phone! Each classroom has a phone that is used to exchange urgent information between parent and teacher. Because these phones are not directly reachable from the outside of the building, you must first call the main office number for the school. The office staff will direct your call accordingly. Keep in mind that the instructional day has no breaks. Teachers are always instructing or planning for instruction. Therefore, you should try to schedule your calls before or after the school day.
Face-to-Face Meetings APS schedules two elementary conference periods per year to allow teachers to meet with all parents. This is a great opportunity to discuss progress, instructional plans, and assessment results for your child. Sometimes situations arise that require a meeting outside of these two conference periods. These special conferences must be scheduled with your teacher before or after the school day. Contact the teacher using email to schedule a mutually convenient time.

Which method should you use? The chart below displays some common scenarios and the appropriate communication method to use.

Situation Communication Method
When is the field trip? Website calendar and fifth grade newsletter
How did my child do on her beginning of year math assessment? Parent-Teacher Conferences
When is the quiz or test? Website calendar
My child needs to leave early. Send a note in with your child. If the early departure is discovered during the school day, call the school’s main office number.
There is a change in my child’s schedule. Fifth grade teachers are not always able to check email during the day. Please communicate any sudden changes for your child through the office.
My child is having a difficult time with another student that is affecting his performance in school. Email teacher first. If situation is urgent, call to discuss with teacher or schedule an appointment.
What math unit is being taught next? Website Parent and Student Guide. Look under “Topics of Study”