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5th Grade SOL Review (4.4 and 4.5) Games

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iPad Apps Used in Investigation Station

 Topic  iPad App  Description  Cost  Grades/SOLs
Animals Ecosystems HD  Students can explore more about six different ecosystems–grasslands, deserts, forests, tundra, oceans, and wetlands. They can read more information about them (or have it read to them), look at pictures of those ecosystems, and take quizzes on the information. $2.99 3rd – 3.6,
4th – 4.5
Animals World Book’s World of Animals  Students can choose to learn more about a wide variety of animals. In addition to basic facts and other interesting information, there are extra photos, and sometimes there are videos and sounds of the animal. Students can compare, rank, and group animals. There is also a game that students can play where they guess what the animal is based on clues given. Full – $4.99
Lite – Free
1st – 1.5,
4th – 4.5
Cells HudsonAlpha iCell  Students can explore 3-D models of animal, plant, and bacteria cells. You click on a part of a cell to learn more about it, and then you can toggle between basic, intermediate, and advanced text. Free 5th – 5.5
Cells  3D Cell Simulation and Stain Tool  Students can explore a 3-D model of an animal cell, watch cell videos, or try staining their own cell. Free 5th – 5.5
Colors Color Chameleon  Students learn how to mix colors to make new colors in this game. They have to make the chameleon match the color of the branch before the eagle sees him! Free Pre-K
Colors Color Uncovered Set-up like an interactive museum, students can explore a variety of color illusions, read interesting articles, and watch videos, all the while discovering the science behind each of them. Created by the Exploratorium Museum in San Francisco, CA. Free 5th – 5.3
Colors PEEP and the Big Wide World Paint Splat Students make the bird named Quack jump on paint tubes to mix colors on the fence. Then they turn the hose on to wash it all off and start all over again. Free Pre-K
Electricity  Exploriments: Electricity Students learn about simple electrical circuits (simple and parallel) through assembling their own circuits using wires, switches, bulbs, and a host of electrical toys. They can also use the pre-designed circuits to learn the essentials of circuits and to focus in on the role of switches in controlling circuits and devices. $1.99 4th – 4.3
Force and Motion Crazy Machines Golden Gears In this “Rube Goldberg” style puzzle game, students learn all about physics and simple machines through building contraptions to help the professor accomplish various tasks. $2.99 3rd – 3.2
Matter NOVA Elements  Students can explore an interactive periodic table, watch the video “Hunting the Elements”, or try their hand at making specific atoms and molecules that make up everyday items. Free 5th – 5.4
Plants GazziliScience  Students interact with the app by giving a seed everything it needs to grow. Then they watch the plant life cycle as it grows, learning about each step along the way. $1.99 1st – 1.4,
2nd – 2.4
Rocks  easyLearn Rocks & Minerals HD   Students can learn about the different types of rocks and minerals and then test their knowledge through matching, sorting, trivia, and other types of games. $2.99 5th – 5.7
Seasons GazziliScience Students interact with the app by making the Earth orbit the sun and watching what happens as the seasons change. They help the character change his clothes so that he is appropriately dressed for the season. $1.99 K – K.9,
1st – 1.7
Shadows Shadow Move Students will have to twist and turn objects until they figure out how to cast the shadow that is displayed in the upper left corner. Free K – K.8
Shadows  Find My Shadow HD Students match animals with the shadows that they make. Free K – K.8
Solar System  Solar Walk – 3D Solar System model  Students can explore the different planets in the solar system, read interesting facts and figures about them, and learn about their internal structure and science missions that have visited the planet. They can also watch the rotation and revolution of the planets as time moves forward by minutes, hour, days, months, and years. $2.99 4th – 4.7
Sounds Sound Uncovered Set-up like an interactive museum, students can explore a variety of auditory illusions and acoustic phenomena and discover the science behind each of them. Created by the Exploratorium Museum in San Francisco, CA. Free 5th – 5.2
 Sun-Earth-Moon System Moon Globe HD  Students can explore the terrain of the Earth’s Moon and the different spacecraft that have landed there. They can see how we see different phases of the moon as the days and hours go by. HD – $0.99
Regular – Free
4th – 4.8
Water GazziliScience  Students interact with the app by choosing objects that will help the character sink or float through a pipe maze. $1.99 K – K.5
Water Cycle The Tale of a Snowflake Students learn about the water cycle through an interactive book that tells the journey of a water molecule as it travels from the ocean, up to the clouds, and back down again as a snowflake. $1.99 3rd – 3.9
Water Cycle Water Cycle HD Students learn about some of the main steps of the water cycle (evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and run-off). They can read detailed information about each step, look at pictures, and take quizzes. $1.99 3rd – 3.9
Weather Xweather Students can explore and learn more about different extreme weather that has happened across the world. $1.99 2nd – 2.6
Weather  Extreme Weather by KIDS DISCOVER  Students learn about hurricanes, tornadoes, lightning, and other forms of extreme weather in this app. It includes interactive 3-D models, videos, photos, and several activities such as quizzes and puzzles. $2.99 2nd – 2.6,
4th – 4.6
Weather Stormstruck: A Tale of Two Homes  Students generate a storm and see how a home handles it. After each storm, they choose a different upgrade to strengthen their home and weather the storm better. They end up learning how to get a home ready for severe weather. Free 2nd – 2.6


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