As you work with your child on their handwriting and all written work at home, please make sure that they are constructing their letters top/down and left to right. With the loss of instructional time due to inclement weather, we are seeing some regression in letter construction and legible handwriting on their homework and class work. We are asking for your support in providing guidance with your child as he/she works on their written work to ensure that he/she has accurate construction. Brain research tells us that accurate and efficient letter construction, top/down and left to right, increases reading performance by teaching the eyes to move accurately across text, thus increasing fluency, accuracy, and comprehension. So whether the child is writing with an implement or typing on a device, the accurate and efficient physical construction of letters and words is directly correlated to all aspects of reading. If you would like more practice handwriting worksheets, please let me know and I will send them home in the Friday Folders or you can access them online at the ASFS kindergarten webpage. Thank you for your continued support.