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Ms. Ferree Ms. Moran Ms. Rubiano

Foreign Language in Elementary Schools (FLES)

The purpose of the FLES Spanish Program is:

  • To prepare students to begin developing functional skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing in Spanish.
  • To provide a nurturing environment where students feel comfortable learning a second language.
  • To develop proficiency in oral and written communication in Spanish through the integration of language skills and concepts taught in the content areas.
  • To encourage all students to develop an openness, understanding and appreciation for other cultures.

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Meet Our Staff


left to right: Señora Teresa Córdova, Señora Terisha Fahie, Señora María Christina Cox

Señora Córdova
Welcome to our new Arlington Science Focus FLES Spanish program! We are so excited to meet you and to get to know your child. I grew up bilingual, daughter of a Cuban immigrant, locally and in Miami and Puerto Rico. I have taught Spanish in Oregon and in Massachusetts; I moved in August 2015 to Arlington specifically to teach at ASFS. We, your FLES teachers, are fully committed to your child’s success in the Spanish language. Please feel free to reach me anytime at Teresa.Cordova@apsvs.us or at (703) 228-7670, ext. 97094. You can follow me for class news on Twitter at @TeresaCordova.
Saludos cariñosos,
Sra. Córdova

Señora Cox
As the daughter of Colombian and Ecuadorian immigrants, I learned Spanish at home with my family. I am now thrilled to share the gift of learning a foreign language with your children. My background includes teaching math, special education, and ESOL. In addition, I am a military wife and the proud mother of two. The result is that I understand how important it is for parents to know their little ones arein good hands and feel a part of their child’s educational experience and their school community. Please explore the rest of our class page for more resources on how you can share in your child’s Spanish class experience.

My goal is to make learning Spanish fun and inviting as I help our students develop their second language skills. If you have questions about our program or concerns about your child’s progress, please do not hesitate to contact me at Maria.Cox@apsva.us or at (703) 228-7670, ext. 97103. For class news, follow me on Twitter at @SenoraCox.
Graciasy bienvenidos,
Sra. Cox

Señora Fahie
My name is Terisha A. Fahie (pronounced “Foy”). I was born and raised on the island of St. Thomas, USVI. I am certified to teach Spanish and Elementary Education. I have taught Spanish for nine years at various levels. I absolutely love teaching at the Elementary level. I welcome parent input and involvement! Please contact me at Terisha.Fahie@apsva.us or at (703) 228-7670, ext.97145 with any questions or concerns. You can follow me for class news on Twitter at @SraFahie.
Sra. Fahie