Naglieri Testing Information


Naglieri Non-Verbal Ability Test (NNAT2)

The NNAT2 test is given to all Arlington Public School students in grade 2, and Grade 3 students who are new to APS since October 2014. The timed test is given online and takes 30 minutes. Items on the test are presented as figures that require spatial analysis, but no verbal knowledge or skills are required. The NNAT2 fosters a normative understanding of general ability without reliance on language, culture, or institutionalized curriculum.

Parents receive an official report explaining how their child performed on this test. These results will be used in a variety of ways. As is true of any standardized test, this test measures only a sample of the skills that could be tested. Scores from this test provide only one piece of information about the student. Scores from this test, used in conjunction with other information, can be helpful when making decisions about a student. On November 11th, an informal presentation was held at ASFS to help explain the NNAT2 to parents.
Click on this file to view the PowerPoint presentation.
NNAT2 Parent Presentation

For further information regarding the test please read this article, written by Dr. Naglieri, explaining the purpose of the test and how to use the information provided by the test results.
Naglieri Test Information