About the Library

Mr. McGuire


The ASFS library strives to provide a safe and nurturing environment that fosters life-long learning and reading by:

  • Providing an exciting and relevant collection of materials to meet the needs of our diverse student and staff population.
  • Collaborating with staff members on planning and instruction.
  • Promoting the acquisition of information literacy skills and the appreciation of literature.


Class Visits: Students in grades K through 5th visit the library once a week, for 30 minutes. Teachers schedule additional periods for research.

Circulation: The number of books a student can check out depends on her/his grade level as follows:

  • Kindergarten: 1 book
  • 1st grade: 2 books
  • 2nd grade: 3 books
  • 3rd grade: 3 books
  • 4th grade: 3 books
  • 5th grade: 3 books (4 if needed for research)

Younger students, with short picture books, are encouraged to return books every week. Students with chapter books can keep books for 2 weeks. After that point, all books should be renewed.

Students reimburse the library for books that are damaged or lost so that we can replace them and, once again, enable others to use them.