Ms. Kurtis Math Coach

Please visit the link below to find Summer Math Review packets by grade level.  A page or portion at a time throughout the summer will keep math skills and concepts in your child’s mind.  Your child may return the printed, completed packet to his new teacher on the first day of school.

Help your child in maintaining mathematical skills and concepts learned this year so he/she enters the next school year with a solid foundation. Below are some suggestions of ways to practice various components of mathematics:Fact Fluency:

  • outdoor games: Toss a ball, and say a fact. Your child has to quickly respond with the sum (+), difference (-), product (x), or quotient (÷) before catching the ball.

Strategic Thinking:

  • Think Fun “Rush Hour” app
  • Think Fun “Solitaire Chess” app
  • Think Fun “Chocolate Fix” app
  • Sudoku games
  • “Math Dice” (to practice order of operations)


Problem Solving:

Children’s Books with Math Connections:

  • Pigs Will Be Pigs
  • A Remainder of One
  • One Hundred Hungry Ants
  • Sir Cumference series
  • The Doorbell Rang
  • The Greedy Triangle

These resources are just a few ways to practice.  As you know, some of the most valuable practice involves real-world experiences that arise naturally.  Conversations when shopping (About how much will our total be?  How much change will we get?), at sporting events (How many more points do they need to tie the game?  To win the game?), while hanging at the pool, or traveling the world will show your learner that math is in our daily lives.       Wishing you a happy, safe, and fun summer with your families!
Ms. Kurtis, Math Coach                Ms. Schumacher, Math Lead