Grade 5

Grade 5


Healthy Snacks

Concern about the health and fitness of our children is a major concern.  As a school, we feel it is important to teach students how to snack healthfully and to increase their physical activity. Students are encouraged to bring one healthy snack to eat in class each day after they return from specials.  Snacks should […]


For fifth grade, the APS School Board policy on homework states that students should expect one hour of homework plus thirty minutes of reading per night.   Below is the typical schedule of homework for a standard week.  At ASFS, fifth grade does not assign homework on Fridays. However, teachers will assign projects that span […]

Field Trips

[Updated 8/25/15]  Field Trip or Event  Description  Outdoor Lab Overnight  Students spend two days, including an overnight stay in tents, at Arlington’s Outdoor Lab  Too Smart to Start  Students and parents learn tips to prevent under-age alcohol use  Courthouse  Students take a trip to the Arlington County court house to witness live court sessions and […]

Volunteer Opportunities

 Opportunity  Description  Room Parent  Coordinate volunteers for all events  Halloween Party  Help setup or clean the room, organize snacks, provide and manage student activities  Global Holiday Celebration  Help with setup and clean up, support activities during the day, organize snacks  Valentine’s Party  Help setup or clean the room, organize snacks, provide and manage student activities […]


Organization Math Science Reading Writing Social Studies   Student Planner*   Friday Folder*  Math/Language Arts Binder (3” 3-ring)   Math Graph Paper Notebook   Homework Book volume 1*   Homework Book volume 2*  Science/Social Studies Binder (3”, 3-ring)   Science City Journal (1-subject spiral) Math/Language Arts Binder (3” 3-ring)   Math/Language Arts Binder (3” 3-ring) […]

Behavior Expectations

[updated 9/7/2015] Refocus Forms As part of positive character education, the fifth grade team continues to focus on respect for self, respect for others, and respect for property in all that we do. Beginning this week, we will implement a “focus” system to help our students stay on task, complete their assignments and projects, and […]


[Updated 9/2/2015] Late Work Policy Students are expected to turn in their work the day that it is due. For long term projects and assignments, students will lose one letter grade for each day that the assignment is overdue. Classwork will be accepted for one week after the due date. Classwork will NOT be accepted […]

Topics of Study

[Updated 8/2015]   Math Science Reading Writing Social Studies Q1 Multiplication and Division Review; Patterns and Functions; Number Sense Scientific Process; Matter Comprehension Skills and Novel Study (see teacher for specifics) Writer’s Notebook; Research Essay Map Skills; Fertile Crescent Q2 Addition/Subtraction (Whole/Decimal); Plane Geometry; Multiplication/Division (Whole/Decimal)   Light and Sound; Geology Comprehension Skills and Novel […]