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How to make snowflakes and origami dogs/cats

How to make origami dogs:  How to make origami cats (or dogs): How to make 4-sided snowflakes: How to make 6-sided snowflakes: How to make 8-sided snowflakes:   

Journey of a Water Droplet

Today you will see how a water droplet might move through the water cycle. Start at any station. Record the name of the station on your paper. If you want, you can also add the color of the station. Roll one die. Read the directions for the number you rolled to understand what happened to […]

Science Events at ASFS

Outside the Box Day – December 4, 2019, 9-11 a.m. Outside the Box Day engages all students in children’s engineering challenges, with a different one for each grade level. Students are presented with the challenge, and then it is up to them to brainstorm, plan, design, and create a solution to the challenge. Parents are […]

Engineering Design Talk Moves

Taken from: Initiating conversation: Can you tell me about your design? How did you come up with this idea? Examining materials and tools: Why did you pick this material? What will you use for _______? What other materials might you try? Getting unstuck: Does this idea seem to be working? What else could you try? […]


Plants Databases: Native Plants Trees and Shrubs Trees 5th Grade SOL Review (4.4 and 4.5) Games Plants (4.4) Vocab (word scramble, timed) Plants (4.4) Vocab (crossword puzzle) *Note: For two-word answers, don’t type the space between the words. Plants (4.4) Vocab (hangman-style word game, timed) Plants (4.4) Vocab (matching game) Plants (4.4) Vocab (Quia quiz) […]

Recyclables Needed

  Science-Engineering Scrounge List Throughout Investigation Station, Science City, and Science taught in the classrooms, we will be using everyday stuff for our experiments and engineering challenges. The above link is just a sample listing of cleaned, recycled items that we could use, but anything you can recycle and save is APPRECIATED. We are not […]