Charles Harvey

Mr. Harvey’s Professional Background

  • 20 years Unites States Marine Corps. Major USMC (Retired)
  • BA, Rowan University 1975; M.Ed, Marymount University 1994; with Post Graduate Work in Special Education (Emotional Disturbance and Learning Disabilities) University of Maryland 1998-2001.
  • 24 years in Education both in the Classroom and in Instructional Technology
  • Has taught 4th, 5th, 6th and 8th Grades
  • Taught Special Education for 6 years
  • Starting his 16th year in APS
  • Senior Instructional Technology Coordinator
  • ITC Hoffman-Boston 2002-2006
  • ITC Teenage Parenting Program 2002-2011
  • ITC At ASFS since 2005. Full-Time since 2006
  • Nominated for Teacher of the Year 6 times since arriving at APS

Mr. Harvey’s Job Responsibilities at Arlington Science Focus School

  • ASFS: Instructional Technology Coordinator, Weather Station, Space Shuttle Simulator, TV Station, News Team, Recess, Tech Crew, Color Guard, Science City, Student Mentoring, ARC-GIS Mentor, Technology Exhibition, Webmaster, Instructional Lead Teachers Committee, Technology Advisor ASFS PTA, and Anything Else Ms. Begley can think of :}