Michelle Shine-Flaus

Ms. Shine-Flaus is one of two Instrumental and General music teachers at ASFS.   Ms. Shine-Flaus co-teaches Band and Orchestra with the other music teacher. She also teaches K-5 General Music.  Ms. Shine-Flaus, from Pittsburgh, Pa and this will be her fourth year teaching in APS. Ms. Shine-Flaus loves working with the staff, students, and parents at ASFS and is excited for another year with the community. “I have never seen so much support in a community”. She plans to continue working and learning from students while teaching music.



  • Music - Kindergarten
  • Music - Grade 5
  • Music (Orchestra) - Grade 5
  • Music (Band) - Grade 5
  • Music (Band) - Grade 4
  • Music - Grade 1
  • Music - Grade 2
  • Music (Orchestra) - Grade 4
  • Music - Grade 3