The 2023 WETA PBS Kids Writers Contest is now OPEN!

Opportunity for Your (K-4) Child  to Enter WETA PBS KIDS Writing Contest: ASFS Writing on March 20th We’re all writing together on this day!   We are utilizing the idea of the “WETA PBS Kids Writers Contest 2023” for our schoolwide writing time on Monday, March 20th, which is also the day our school welcomes author Susan Stockdale—a day filled with joyous literacy!

  • Our ASFS community (K-4) will be writing together that day. Student pieces must start with the mandatory prompt: 

“When I look out the window. . . “ 

  • Stories could be fact, fiction, prose or poetry
  • Look in your child’s backpack or take home folder with the WETA PBS Kids Writers Contest Entry Form 2023 stapled to their writing. Parents may choose to enter the actual WETA Contest. We invite all parents interested to consider submitting their child’s piece started in class this day. .  Here are the criteria for the contest:
    • Kindergarten: story count 30-100 words
    • First Grade: story count 50-200 words
    • Grades 2-4: 100-350 words
    • (Word count includes “a” “an” “the” but not words on nonstory pages, such as title page or those on illustrations.)
    • Story must include five (5) illustrations if children wish to submit for the WETA contest.
    • Illustrations can be drawings, collages, 3D sculptures or photos made by the author.

Questions? Please email Kathryn Kaiser or Barbara Bosworth. Happy writing!